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A Quest for Professionalism



This book is a cumulative history of law enforcement events, leading up to and beyond the creation of state agencies of government that continue to oversee how we select and maintain law officers employed within our police agencies. It emphasizes many of the activities that the states and federal government, as well as other associations, undertook to raise awareness and execute programs that enhance public safety. It also renders, in one source document, the historical discussions and decisions of the International Association of Directors of Law Enforcement Standards and Training.


Compiled as never before, looking at the roots of professionalism and measures to achieve it, this material has the means to change how historians, educators and our criminal justice academies teach the history of law enforcement. The information clarifies and corrects details, and provides the important source information to support what has been written.


A Quest for Professionalism

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  • More than two years in the making, A Quest For Professionalismis released. Written with a view on law enforcement, with an emphasis on standards and training from the past to the present. This is not a storybook of how we wished things to have been in law enforcement history, but how is was when it was actually being developed for the people of the United States. More than 700 pages filled with interesting facts, collected from historical manuscripts and writings of the times, and capturing actual records and memories of the persons involved in the decision-making of NASDLET and IADLEST.

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